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Published: Wed, 06/26/13

Editor's note - this is closing TONIGHT.  Don't miss out!

| oOo ==> Affiliate HD - Closing tonight!
| WHY:  Free Hangout/actionable tips for mastering
| affiliate marketing the way your customers will *want* to buy
Does understanding and profiting from the following...
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(and I'm tickled pink that I've already shared Tip #4

* Why you (along with 99%(!) of other affiliates) are LOSING commissions right now - and how to plug that leak INSTANTLY... (Faulty tracking and cookie stuffing are the LEAST of your worries!)

* How to sell "softly" and secretly... without REALLY selling! The sneaky (yet fun!) techniques of siding with your audience... that often lets people who HATE selling generate thousands upon thousands in affiliate commissions!

* The "social" approach to affiliate marketing... that EVERY course I've seen so far gets TOTALLY WRONG!

* An up-and-coming Gmail update that Google is FORCED to make... and that might very well be the FINAL nail in the coffin of email marketing (PLUS, how you can race ahead of everyone else just by knowing this little insight!)

* Why "the money is in the list" is the most DANGEROUS cliche you'll ever hear... (in fact, it is single-handedly responsible for MILLIONS of dollars in lost revenue!)

* What's next for you as an affiliate marketer... What changes are coming, where are we heading and how you can stay current (PLUS, how this practically guarantees you an unfair edge over your competition!)

... And of course, tons more insights and burning questions answered

| oOo ==> The Insider Secrets You Just Do NOT Give Away

Feast your eyes on:

  • Module 1 - Affiliate Profits Quickstart The goal is to make more than your investment back by the end of the first month, and I'll show you just how to do that through Skype.
  • Module 2 - Your Passive Income Foundation Pilfering a handful of $500 to $1000 commissions each month by exploiting one single trick.
  • Module 3 & 4 - Expand Your Audience How to use the Facebook newsfeed advertising method and Google+ community "syphoning" to build an affiliate machine of influence that's unstoppable.
  • Module 5 & 6 - Reach Them Everywhere How we'll take that newfound audience and blitzkrieg them so we're everywhere they are when they want to purchase something... and tap into their network of friends to grow exponentially
  • Module 7 - Leveraging Your Assets getting THEM to mail through YOUR LINK because of one simple bonus package strategy you can set up in a few hours!
  • Modules 8 & 9 - Let the Experts Work For You and create an "event based affiliate marketing launch" where you get 5 to 7 big named marketers to mail their list... and each promote their own product through your affiliate link.
  • Modules 10 & 11 - Scaling & Outsourcing How to keep increasing your profits while simultaneously decreasing your time commitment.
  • Module 12 - The Exit Plan how to sell your affiliate business (or chunks of it) and retire.


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