OFFLINE ==> [ Cornering The Market ] Part 2 - The NEXT Step in Social Marketing

Published: Sat, 07/06/13

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| oOo ==> The Next Step in Social Marketing
Zero cost 

| on the next step in Social Marketing by Dr. Ben Adkins, FB Wizard
| (the techniques he used himself!)


Have you ever heard Dr. Ben Adkins tell the
story of how he really got into FB marketing?
What's really sooo grand about this is...well, he
*had* to.  Why?  Because his own chiropractic
business was simply tanking in sales.
See, for Dr. Ben, it wasn't a case of , gee, getting
more customers in would be was a case of,
Hey!  I'm the new kid on the block and I have no
real budget and unless I do something hugely
I'm gonna go bankrupt.  
You really have to admire a person who, instead
of giving in, *turns things around*.
| oOo ==> He shares gems you do NOT want to miss!
He managed to do that with Facebook
(Recognize the Evil Facebook Magician series?)
in ways that grew his social marketing *beautifully*....
and saved his business bigtime.   You see, 0 budget 
forced Dr. Ben to think....outside of the box.
And come up with ideas/techniques nobody ever
shared before!   So cool!
See though, the thing is - the techniques Dr. Ben
devised...they're not SOLELY for offline.  They
work grand in affiliate marketing, in niche marketing....
just about anything where social can be applied,
his techniques *work*.
Which is why I'm rather thrilled to tell you about
this special:
| oOo ==> Applicable for ALL niches

The content packed webinar is 0 it's
definitely worth checking out!
I certainly would love to know 
what you think.  I've been learning
from Dr. Ben now for 15+ months or
so....and my business has never been
better!   Isn't it your time now?
Grow strong,
Barbara "Love Helping Others!" Ling

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